Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gallbladder gone, SLOWLY HEALING, did I say slowly?

OK so for the full story. I went into Leamington ER the morning of the 29th. I had woke up, or should I have said never went to sleep that night. I had been puking on and off since the 24th of December. We all knew Christmas kinda bit the big one, well it was looking like New Year's would suck too! After examining me and doing several tests, the doctor advised me that I had an infection in my stomach perineum and my gallbladder needed to come out way before my scheduled surgery date on the 21st. The surgeon Dr.Tracy came to see me and told me she scheduled me in at 8am tomorrow, Jan 31st. All that happened after that was a whirlwind. Crazy I must admit. The next thing I remember is talking to the nurses in the OR, and than waking up with no gallbladder. Wild! The bad news was the doctor couldn't remove it laproscopic. There was too much scar tissue from my bowel resection. So I wake up with four staples at my navel, and just under my right breast I now had a Frankenstein like scar with 9 staples spaced half a centimeter apart. And alot of pain. They had me on Cipro....which made me puke horribly. Flagyl, dilaudid and and anti nausea medicine. I was bed ridden for 3 days. My blood pressure was 85 /45.....yep you are reading right. So to say the least, from that point on I realised this was going to be a slow go. By Tuesday my doctor was away at a marathon, and the new doctor discharged me, even though I was complaining of severe pain and nausea. Come this weekend I was still feeling horrible. The fever kicked in Monday, and so did the puking. My wound was leaking a yellowish green from the left side, and smart me was doing saline soaks to help the infection to come out. I called my family doctor, because my surgeon isn't back until Thursday. I will be seeing her at 1:30 pm. Today I saw my family doctor. I have an infection in the wound, so I have been put on Keflex.He told me it was good I was doing the saline soaks, or he stated it would probably be much worst! I also have a UTI, so the Keflex will cover that also. I am on Diflucan for thrush on both ends( ahh gotta love antibiotics and being a woman!)and still on pain killers until I heal up. Grrr this is so frustrating. So to all my friends who have been calling or emailing. Thank you for your love. It really was shocking opening my email after 5 days of ignoring it and having to go through almost 100 get wells. I truly am a blessed woman! To my friends who have managed to visit and bring over goodies. Love you a bunch. I will keep you all posted as I know more.
Annika is doing well. THANK GOD! no infections right now, and we are just waiting to here from her ENT for a cancellation for her tonsils, if there are no cancellations than she will have her tonsils out April 11th. Dave is stressed because of the situation and Parker is being a great little man. He comes home everyday and tells me how his schooling is going. He and Annika come into the bedroom to check on me often, and they are honestly trying to be on their best behaviour. To be continued......