Sunday, July 08, 2007

The road to recovery......

I am staying with my parents for a few days with the kids, i am incrediably weak, and on full fluids for 6 weeks, so since I pretty well been in bed for the last 3 weeks, so my energy level is nil. Today I went and got the kids from my sister in laws, you should have seen their faces.when they saw me. It was priceless. My husband had gone for the weekend for a motorcycle rally just to have a two day break , he has had the kids by himself for 5 weeks, so he needed the break(he had so help from relatives). He is home now, and studying for his trucking licence. I plan to make some calorie smoothies and keep my girlish figure, I lost 15 lbs in the hospital. I haven't weighed this little since before kids. I am very tender, I have this dang hose( my penis that hangs on the hanging out of my stomach. It is healing up fast , Thank God. But it is still sore.The kids have hit it wrong twice today hugging me, and the dog was so excited to see me she jumped up on my stomach...something she never does. In 7 weeks I get my GI button and I will be trim and hopefully full of energy. The heat hit me today, I went swimming in our salt water pool(just my families)So between all the activity and no nap, I am spent. Bed early for me tonight. Continue to place me in your prayers, I still have a long road in front of me, but I appreciate all the emails. God Bless, Good night all. Stay healthy.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Going Home, finally.

I got the news today after a torterous ultrasound on my G tube. They pushed and pressed my poor raw belly looking for the abcess that once was there. It is gone. The drainage from my tube is normal healing discharge. My bowels are clear and I can go home tomorrow. I have the 12 noon train booked for home, and my brother has agreed to pick up my sorry butt at the Windsor train station. I have to be on a full fluid diet for 8 weeks. Should be great for my waistline, bad for my will power. I am sure I will cheat a few times. I have to let this tube( I call it my artifical penis) heal for 8 weeks until I get the tiny, not so noticable Gtbe button put in. Wish me well, and keep me in your prayers. I am both happy and scared to go home tomorrow. I will need help for the first two weeks I am sure, but I pray I heal fast.
Take care everyone, till next time. Stay healthy!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Good day, better week? We will see!

Today has started off well rested. I had a good sleep last night. I have eaten both breakfast and lunch, and kept it dowm. The GI site is hardly draining now, so this in itself is a bonus. Had blood drawn this morning, and she got the vein first time.
I know the doctors have plans for xray, ultrasound and adjustments of my tube planned for tomorrow. So if all goes as planned, when the tube is tightened it should stop leaking stomach fluids and "farting", ( I hate this, the hole in my stomach is literally farting the gas out of my is so disgusting)the ultrasound will show if the absess is gone or not, and the xray will show the contents of my bowels. We need to start using the tube again, and once this is all done. I should be able to go home.
What does going home mean to me. Life! My husband David has been amazing. I have seen a side of him that I never expected to see. He had no choice but to be mom, dad and provider to the kids. Housework, responsibilities, all his. He was over loaded at first but seems to be adjusting very well. I AM SO PROUD of him! I love him.
I will get to see our kids. God only knows how hard this has been to be away from them. I can get back to in general. I never thought I would here myself say this but I even look forward to doing laundry. I know I will regret putting that in print.See all my freinds and family that have been so supportive over the last 5 weeks in hospital. I will keep you posted on how tomorrow goes!

A Long day weekend, trapped in brick!

Well I finally got the GI tube settled in. For almost all of last week I don't remember anything,that was how much pain I was in due to the fact that I devloped an abcess and it became infected with staph.This pain was the worst pain I have ever been in . The pictures here only start the showing of the absess, the reddness around the site and the pus pooled at the site. I plan to talk more tomorrow, but I know some were worried becausethey hadn't heard from be in a while. I miss everyone and love you all. Prayer for me to healso I can go home to see me family. It has been over 1 month!
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