Friday, July 06, 2007

Going Home, finally.

I got the news today after a torterous ultrasound on my G tube. They pushed and pressed my poor raw belly looking for the abcess that once was there. It is gone. The drainage from my tube is normal healing discharge. My bowels are clear and I can go home tomorrow. I have the 12 noon train booked for home, and my brother has agreed to pick up my sorry butt at the Windsor train station. I have to be on a full fluid diet for 8 weeks. Should be great for my waistline, bad for my will power. I am sure I will cheat a few times. I have to let this tube( I call it my artifical penis) heal for 8 weeks until I get the tiny, not so noticable Gtbe button put in. Wish me well, and keep me in your prayers. I am both happy and scared to go home tomorrow. I will need help for the first two weeks I am sure, but I pray I heal fast.
Take care everyone, till next time. Stay healthy!