Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fixed teeth and tired parents!

Okay we are home and settled into bed! (at least the kids are!)
Annika made it through the surgery fine. She now has Angelina Jolie lips from all the stretch for the dental work. The swelling is already going down. She officially has her own bling-bling in her mouth now. Two fully capped silver teeth, and two white filling teeth. Four repair jobs altogether.
I hate enzymes. I am trying so hard to not let her chew them. It is so hard to prevent it at this age though.
I am so emotionally and physically drained. With David being laid off, Parker getting over his throat infection, Annika coming down with her chest infection(which she is on Biaxin and steroids for) and to top things off dental surgery, with a first time sedation and chest tube....arrrggghhh!
Now off to London to see my mobility specialist . So little sleep for the wicked.
I am so drained of energy. I am so tired of sickness.....I need a vacation.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mean mommy missed my teeth! I am Captian underpants!

Well we just found out that Annika has to go under for teeth repair. I figured she had been teething because her appetite went down this last week and she has verbally been complaining about her teeth. Well I look in her mouth today after she fought with me when I was trying to brush her teeth(which she never does because she loves the toothpaste) I open up her mouth to see what teeth were coming in and giving her such a hard time and bam! Right there in front of me is a broken tooth, the fourth one from the front to the left. A huge chip off of it, almost 1/4 of the tooth, you can see root. No wonder the poor little thing has been complaining. I feel like a bad mom, I just assumed it was teeth coming in, not roots exposed.
Well we took her to the pediatric dentist ASAP. He took one look and saw that tooth, plus another crack in one tooth on the opposite side. He also stated the lowers looked week and might need caps.
So we are scheduled for Wednesday (time unknown as of yet) for dental surgery, which she will be knocked out for.
Poor little thing. Thank God for booby juice, she sure has been nursing alot lately.
The good thing is she is still full of energy. She loves putting on clothes from the laundry basket (as I am folding them) This day it was Parker's underpants.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The enzyme fairies are happy!

Well since coming back from Toronto, we increased Annika's enzymes. Toronto's biggest concern was that Annika was falling off the growth chart.
We went to see Dr. Morgan today for a check up and vaccinations. Dr. Morgan's scales have always matched up with Toronto's and she weighed in at 8.87 kg, that's over a kg weight gain in 30 days. An amazing weight gain, over 2 lbs! Yahoo, the enzyme fairies are happy!
Eat baby girl eat!

Annika's first infant pulmonary function test.

Well we had Annika's first pulmonary function test in Toronto on the 14th of October. Besides her waking up during the test, everything went well. Annika's cultures came back negative and her blood checked out normal. Her FEV's were great!
So besides increasing her enzymes because they are concerned about her weight. All went well.Here is a picture of our big girl looking over the Big City.