Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fixed teeth and tired parents!

Okay we are home and settled into bed! (at least the kids are!)
Annika made it through the surgery fine. She now has Angelina Jolie lips from all the stretch for the dental work. The swelling is already going down. She officially has her own bling-bling in her mouth now. Two fully capped silver teeth, and two white filling teeth. Four repair jobs altogether.
I hate enzymes. I am trying so hard to not let her chew them. It is so hard to prevent it at this age though.
I am so emotionally and physically drained. With David being laid off, Parker getting over his throat infection, Annika coming down with her chest infection(which she is on Biaxin and steroids for) and to top things off dental surgery, with a first time sedation and chest tube....arrrggghhh!
Now off to London to see my mobility specialist . So little sleep for the wicked.
I am so drained of energy. I am so tired of sickness.....I need a vacation.