Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bucket! I said bucket!

All this in and out of the hospital trips with Annika and I over the last month has got me thinking. I have never made a wish list, or as us older cfers know it as a bucket list. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this recent surgery and ongoing abscess/infection is going to be the death of me. But since I have spent a lot of time recently staring at the same four walls. So here it goes. I must warn you it is not a "normal" bucket list
Things I would like to do, or places I would like to see before I kick the bucket:
1. Dive the great barrier reef with my son
2. Hot air balloon ride
3. Sky dive
4. Walk on part on "The Walking Dead" This would satisfy my sickening love for all thing zombies
5. Investigate with Josh Gates on Destination Truth
6. Investigate with the paranormal, such as Ghost Hunters or Ghost Lab
7. Own a horse
8. Get a full stomach panel tattoo
9. See the pyramids
10. Swim in all the oceans( except the polar ones)a toe dip would do. I have swam in the Atlantic as of date.
11. Visit an active volcano, like in Hawaii
12. Watch both my children grow old enough, get married and be happy.
13. Hold my first grandchild
14.Meet my favourite author Dean R Kootnz
15. Visit a long lost friend (relative) in Germany. You know who you are.
16. Swim with dolphins
17. Catch a fish that weighs more than me.....lol.
18. Travel to all the provinces in Canada with my family.

So this is the good old stand in. Each year I add a few. I hope to soon scratch off a few. Realistic thoughts tell me I may be able to scratch off half of these. Let's pray to God , with the connections, friends and family I have. I can scratch them all off. So if you can hook me up????