Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kim is in hospital

Yesterday morning Kimberly made the decision to go to the hospital because she had been puking all night and was in a lot of pain. Her family came to stay with Parker and Annika because Dave is out of town. Kimberly's mom took her to the hospital after Parker and Annika were all set up with a family member.

Kimberly spent the day in the hospital, receiving IV fluids and meds, having tests run, and feeling yucky. At one point in the day they were suspecting pancreatitis. Last night Angie brought Annika to the hospital to see mommy and nurse. Kimberly had been able to pump out a few bottles of breastmilk during the day and sent those home with Angie. Overnight Kimberly was able to pump out a few more bottles of breastmilk, which Angie will go pick up today, also giving Annika another chance to nurse right from Kimberly.

This morning Kimberly is being taken for an ultrasound because they are suspecting maybe her kidneys are what is causing her to be so sick. They still don't have any test results back yet.

I know this update is disjointed, but I don't have all the details, just the basics of what has been happening. At this point it looks like Annika will be fine with just Kim's breastmilk and I wanted to let the other mommas know that it doesn't look like Annika will need any breastmilk donated, but all your generous offers of breastmilk have been much appreciated. If the situation changes and Kimberly is not able to keep up with Annika's breastmilk needs, then one of us will spread the word and gladly accept your breastmilk donations.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Annika's Teething Turmoil

Yep that is right, she has been teething, and not quietly I might add! She started with the two bottom, than the two top fangs, yes I have a vampire baby. She just finished breaking through her to top middle ones, and is now working on the two upper back teeth. 8 in total. Two behind Parker at this age.
The problem with cf and teething is the mucous. All our babies get runny noses and rosy cheeks. Mine gets this plus throwing up from the extra mucous, a hard time breathing through her nose because the mucous is so thick and she is constently digging at her ears, to the point I am debating a doctor trip. She sleeps like crap and is only happy with a boob in her mouth, which is pure hell for me. Can't babies be born with all their!

Mommie's trip to H...E.... double hockey sticks !

Well with Annika teething, sleep is a valued thing. Something I am not getting much of. I have now had a sinus infection since June of 2005, and I am on the third antibiotic for it. Just when I think I have it taken care of, BAMM! Back it comes again. I talked to the nurse practioner at London and they are going to do a CT scan of the sinus to see if a surgery has to be preformed to scrap the sinus walls. They seem to think I am colonizing bacteria in my sinus cavity. I don't care what they do, just let me breath again! and sleep again! and remember what I had for dinner last night,