Monday, September 05, 2005

Does life go on? I guess so!

Well this past weekend was insane. Our son Parker turned three , and every year we have friends and family over to celebrate. After stuffing our faces , we all venture over to The Harrow Fair. (Which for those who have never been there, it is an old time fair with vendors, rides and homemade pies. Barns full of animals, and lots of people)
We took this opportunity to spread the word about Annika's Dance...The fundraiser supported by the three local Anglican church's...St. Andrews, Christ Church and St. Albuns. This whole weekend, I ventured to the fair with Annika in the sling and passed out flyers to perfect strangers. What an odd feeling.
When doing something like this you are mixed with many emotions. Pride for your precious child, fear of rejection, anger of ignorance, warmth of acceptance, guilt for asking for help(because you know there are people worst off in the world) You are smiling one minute, and on the border of crying the next.
So many people are willing to help, and there are just as many people there to frown on your endeavors.
Parker's birthday was fun, the fair rewarding for children's eyes. Annika bounced non-stop at the sights and sounds. Parker exhausted his Uncle Dennis

Sunday David and Dennis went on The Ride for Cf- Poker run. Dennis won a $500 gift certificate for raising the most sponsor dollars, almost $700.00. He is an Uncle with a passion.....His partner Angie helped out with sponsors( a lot). Those two are our support ( along with many others). Sometimes I think they love our kids as if they were their own, and for that I love them more than words could say. The poker run raised over $11,000.00 for Cf research. I am proud of both men for participating. So I guess life goes one....we still have birthday parties, we still go to fairs ( and eat too much cotton candy) and we still ride our bikes. Funny how life still incorporates CF into those little things........