Friday, March 23, 2007

The Hasson's Walk for a Cure! Join Us!

Hello Loved Ones!
Just a update on our family, and our fight with "CF:
Recently we have been advised that Annika will likely need a feeding tube (G tube) to help her start gaining weight. She has been slowly losing weight for many reasons. First and foremost , Kimberly has been very ill over the last six months. She has been admitted into local hospitals over 5 times , for a minimum of 1 week each stay. Annika missed her mommy, and even though she could out eat her big brother Parker , she still needed constant prodding to eat more. And while she loves her daddy and family and friends very much.....I guess only mommy had the magic touch for cooking her favorites?
Annika has had a constant cough for over 7 months that has not responded to treatment, so all that coughing burns calories. Calories Annika can't afford to loose. Annika loves to eat.....she really loves different flavours and "mm mm" and "aahhss" over so many things. But no matter how many calories she seems to eat, it doesn't seem enough. And with cf, weight gain is a huge issue when it comes to fighting an infection. We will be meeting with the whole cf team at Toronto Sick Kids on March 30 to get the final opinion on the matter. Other then those few issues, Annika is a growing, happy, sassy....did I say sassy little girl who loves her family( especially if she can beat up Parker or pappa) She is the apple of our eye, along side her very loving and supportive big brother, Parker.
Kimberly is working hard over-coming bowel issues, a frequent lung infection and kidney problems. She is on the road to recovery.
David is working hard re- training for a future new career. He is enjoying time with his wife and children( some days more than
This time is of the year is very important to us. May is Cystic Fibrosis month, and during this month we do a very important fund raiser/
I'm participating in Great Strides.

You can help support me by making a secure on line donation using your credit card. Click on the link below:

If you would like to join our team , please register. Our team name is Annika's Dancers. Last year we raised $2000.00, we are shooting for more this year. Help us reach our goal!
For more information on how YOU can participate in Great Strides, please visit us at

Any little thing you can do, please remember every little penny matters. Let "CF" stand for "Cure Found"

God Bless Everyone,
Love David,Kimberly, Parker and Annika Hasson