Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Strides Walk....slowly approaching!

Annika's Dancers Great Strides Team
Well Annika's Dancers. That time has come again. Yes that's right, The Great Strides Walk. Is it unrealistic to aim for $4000.00 from our team? Can we not fight for this goal. If we can acheive this goal I personally will by the pizzas to go with the free Spitfire tickets, and we can celebrate as a team! Let's GO ANNIKA'S DANCERS, Let's GO! Come on team! If you haven't signed up on the website, go now please. Online pledges are a great way to ask for help from people you don't see everyday. I posted this link to my facebook page, and $400 in pledges later......? Come on fight for a cure, and a great night out!