Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Day one at London's Children's Hospital

We arrived into London at 1:30pm and got checked into our hotel room . Ronald MacDonald House was full so they put us up at the Best Western, which was greatly appreciated!. Right away we have pre-admission, then on to cf clinic. Her pulmonary function test doesn't go so well and the doctors are surprised to see a double eye infection, fluid in her ears and incredibly swollen tonsils. Annika's eyes are swollen, so she looks very tired. Actually she is tired, she fell asleep in the car for the first time in a long while. We have an ENT appointment at 10:30 am on Monday. The doctors seem very concerned about her ENT infections, lets pray we can get this under control. She is on the schedule for gtube surgery at 5pm tomorrow, but it will all depend on her little body. The cf doctor changed her meds to a really really strong antibiotic, and she has been eating a lot of ice to help with her sore throat. Hopefully our night goes well tonight. I have Ventolin ready just in case. ARRGGHH! Sweet dreams baby girl, sweet dreams all.