Wednesday, October 19, 2005

15 minutes of unfair time limit

Well between local television news, and papers, we have been interviewed out.
It exhausts you mental, emotionally and physically re-living all the events that added up to our families diagnoses of cf. Just when you think you are on the road to healing,* bamm* a new memory floods your senses, and those wounds are open again.
Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame.....but that seems like an unfair time limit. Annika's diagnoses has educated alot of people on cf, and fame or no fame....I pray we can continue to do so. So as hard as it is to talk about what cf means to us, we know we have to. We have to help the world, yes the world(one person at a time) realize how devastating this disease can be to the individual diagnosed with it, and to all those that love them.
We have our up days, but still more down ones. At times it seems easier, and in other areas it is so constricting. Some days I wonder how we will get to the next hour, let alone week. Then there are actual days where for a few hours I forget about cf. Those are good moments!
Thank God for friends and family.