Monday, November 07, 2005

Where is the money tree??

Well I wish I knew the answer to that! At the start of this journey, we had no idea the impact this disease would have on our pocket book. Thanks to many fantastic, supportive people, a trust fund was opened for Annika. You will find a summary of expenses for each item purchased, and for each trip made for Annika's care. A great big hug for all those people who found it in their heart to help out of family with these costs. God Bless you.

June 24th -Trip to Toronto Sick Kids

One nights stay at the Delta Chelsea $109.00

Gas to Toronto $40.00

Lost income- 6 days work for David( he won't leave his babies side)

Food for both of us for the 6 days- $400.00

Clothes bought (we didn't expect to be staying in T.O) $150.00

Gas home $25.00

Total cost for this trip-approximately $1500.00

additional costs

Zinc cream for Annika's bum- it has to be 40% zinc oxide $9.99 tube
We use a tube in 2 days total cost to date $100.00

Pedialyte $9.00 /liter - total cost to date $9.00

Additional cloth diapers (because of the enzymes she pees more often) $100.00
Increased laundry

Lysol wipes for disenfecting surfaces- Total cost to date- $ 10.00

Lowella soap to help with diaper rash from enzymes $10.00

Total additional costs:$229.00

July 14/15 th Trip to Toronto Sick Kids

Hotel at Howard Johnsons ( not the greatest hotel) $65.00

Dave missed two days of work

Gas $45.00

Food $ 105.00 (for three)

Prescriptions not covered $23.00

Total cost for this trip : $775.00

A few little Extras July 22/05

Pedialyte $9.99

Lysol cleaning wipes and spray $ 12.99

Gas to and from her appointments $40.00

Wipes $4.99

Total :$64.98

Month of July Updates

Good old Lysol wipes $25.00

2 portable air puriefier systems $125.00

Filters for the furnace $60.00

Filters for the portable systems $35.00

Shipping costs for meds $15.00


September 11-13 Trip to Toronto

Two night stay at Howard Johnson's $110.00 (after discount and manager's

Gas to and from Toronto $125.00

Food for three (mom came with us to help with Annika) $175.00

Dave has been of work since August 8th for so many tests and appointments

Total is $410.00 ( which is pretty cheap because mom paid for many things...thanks mom!)

Cleaning supplies-$45.00

Gas to local appointments-$65.00

Total for September-$520.00

October Costs:

Lysol wipes/cleaning products-$45.00

Gas to and from doctor's appointment-$65.00

Annika's Nebulizer(some not covered by Greenshield) -$75.00

A new vaccuum cleaner- $100.00

Total for October -$285.00

Costs for November-A Chest Therapy Vest $12,600.00(which is not covered by any plan)

Flooring replaced or repaired-$775.00

Vents vaccuumed and disinfected-$320.00

Talley for November so far-$13,695.

December's Costs

A trip to Toronto- 2 nights stay- $135.00

Gas there and back- $85.00 (we took the 4x4 because of the snow storm)

Food for 2 days - $105.00

Dave missed two days of work.


Diapers(extra because we are adjusting her enzymes) $65.00

Cleaning supplies-$95.00

Total for December ($490.00)and the whole 2005 year-$17818.98