Saturday, December 17, 2005

Our last trip to Toronto for the year

Our trip to Toronto Sick Kids
Thursday was our appointment for Annika. All the doctors, therapists and nurses didn't even recognize Annika or me, that is how much we have changed in appearance since our last trip in September.
Our little girl is 6.67 kg and 68 cm long! She has doubled her birth weight! Yes! Everyone was so proud of her, and they were happy on the progress she has made.
Annika being the little charmer that she is ,had everyone eating out of her hands by the end of the visit. We got a great mucus ridden swab, so the culture should be more accurate.
We thought this would be our last trip to T.O , we plan to follow Annika's doctor to London ( 2 hrs closer to us) but they want her back in the spring to do an infant pulmonary function test. I guess Toronto is one of the only hospitals that has the machinery to do this test. So our regular clinics will be in London and once a year we have to go to Toronto for the infant pulmonary test as a part of a large study.An amazing clinic, and no blood taken, so no crying!

St. Michael's for me..........
Well I saw Dr. Tullis on the Friday(after a huge snow storm)And I was so pleased all my vitamin levels are normal(with no supplements) My pulmonary function was 98 (with a cold) and no diabetes. I have to wait on my culture and my bone density test.
Amazing visits both ways.
Dr. Tullis also stated to use the vest only when I have a cold or a build up of mucus. I met with the whole cf team, and they were really happy with all my test results. I will continue to see Dr. Tullis for one more year, than carry over to London (she has me as part of a mutation study, so she ask to continue seeing me for 2 more visits. I agreed, anything for the cause!)

Happy Holidays to everyone.
This is the first year that I haven't gotten Christmas cards out, or outside lights up.....oh well...They don't seem as important now as they did last year.
Christmas comes every year, and we have a lot to be thankful for this year, Thanks to Jesus and the support of all our friends and family, we have two amazing kids and a great marriage. Maybe next year I will get those cards out, and the lights up.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
God Bless ye all!
Love The Hassons