Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dang Cf Bugs!

Well we got the confirmation from Toronto. Annika is culturing staph again!!!! We can't seem to kick this bug in the butt! Annika always gets a cough when she has staph, so even before the culture comes back, I can give you the results! They seem to think we are passing the bug back and forth between us, so Dr. Tullis put me on Zithro for 2 weeks , since I have a bugger of a sinus infection. Annika is on Keflex for 42 days. Man!
I guess it could be a lot worse.
Off we go on the antibiotic routine again. At least she is still eating really well. We are playing the adjustment game with her enzymes again, Toronto and I tend to have a few disagreements about what is best for her. I am the one changing her diapers all the time and monitoring her belly sounds daily, so ????? Oh well I guess I have to learn to trust the medical end of this disease sooner or later, but overall they have been really good with us.