Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Momma always said I was full of it!

I am slowly getting on my feet. It has been a rough one though! I was in Leamington for 5 days and London for two. I got more answers in London to explain my health problems, than I have here in Windsor area in the last 34 years. Crazy huh! Oh well things are healing, my lungs are clearing up and and my bowels are finally working great. I go 3 times a day now, I was lucky to go three times a month, so you can imagine the pain I was in. The thicker mucus from cf would clogs up my bowels. I am now on a prescription powder that I can mix in any beverage called Peg 3350, it is like the Miralax found in the states for the bowels. I had physio in London for my chest infection and I have been doing my vest daily, so it has made a huge difference! Everything is almost cleared up, I lost over 7 lbs of weight(crap) at the hospital...lol . We are heading up to the cabin( about 13 of us) this weekend for 4 days, so I will have a lot of help with the kids and the fresh air will do me good. Once I get my strength back I will feel like my sassy self. Both kids are doing fantastic. Dave has been an amazing help, and friends and family have been life savers. Anything helps during these times. It has been overwhelming. Gift certificates, cards, child care and meals. Its times like this that really humbles you. CF hit home this month. A reality check is what I needed to remind me to take care of myself also. Thank you for all the prayers.