Wednesday, May 10, 2006

An update on the family

Well everyone has been phoning or emailing to find out how we are all doing. I barely have time to pay bill(oh the dreaded bills) let alone answer everyone's concerns's. So I thought I would post to my blog and email out to everyone.

Calling all hands, calling all hands....S.O.S. We need help! S. O.S ! We need help now!
Annika just got over a chest infection, all that is lingering is a nasty running stuffed up nose. She was on steriods and keflex( still on keflex for 2 more weeks).This all started on my 34th birthday, April 27th. That night I came down with the same thing. The next day it felt like a ton of bricks on my chest and I went to see the doctor that morning.He put me on Avelon for 10 days. Great ,two cfers feeling like crap at home. Well after getting through the steriods( Annie was hyper...I MEAN HYPER) things seem to settle down for her, but I got worst. I started vomitting and back pain 4 days later. On Monday I was getting fluids via IV at our local ER. I proceeded to go back to the ER 3 days in a row, where they took xrays and blood, and urine and admitted me with pnemonia and kidney infection. So now I am coughing and puking up green, yep green which is bile! Yum!
They blew three IV ports/veins. And proceeded to poke me for an IV , 11 times. The twelth one I refused. It is a small hospital and they don't do picc lines. Know I go to Windsor for IV from now one. I was discharged 2 days ago, and feel like crap. I am coughing worst, stuffed up horribly and my stomach looks 6 months pregnant. The nurse practitioner in London thinks it is not a kidney infection, since blood is clear , but a bowel blockage(haven't had bowel movement in 7 days, and a really good one in weeks). So she is talking to the cf doctor today to try to get me admitted in London to clear out my bowel and chest.
So we need prayers! Lots of them!
We need some people to help with the kids! Annika needs extra care, and I am willing to break them up for the time I am in the hospital. I need women to start pumping milk for freezer please!!!!!!!!
Call Amber Joy at 726-6450. She will set things up between everyone(she was really good at this in the past)I hope she is fine with!
Meals would be appreciated. Any help!
Love you all, and God Bless. I will keep you posted from the hospital, or Amber Joy will post on Annika's blog.