Thursday, July 06, 2006

A picc line! Small hurdles to jump

Well here we are all settled in London's Children's hospital. So we are on day 11 in hospital. Annika finally got her picc line yesterday. Thank God above! After being poked over 30 times in 8 days, she has had enough( as have I) with nurses and needles! Our cf doctor has been in and out of hospital for conferances, so she asked the head of peds to care for Annika, this is why we got the picc line on the same day he came to see her. We are trying to set up CCAC(home nursing care) for her meds . Her x-ray came back with apparent infection in the middle lobe, so I am so glad we pushed to be put on meds. Her cough is almost totally gone. And she is driving me nuts because she has so much energy.They are suspecting asthma or allergies, because she coughs heavier at night. And since we have been in a clean environment(that's what they call it, I would have to disagree) her cough has changed, so even though we know it will get better with meds, she is seeing a new peds allergist next week in windsor to get tested for cat and enviromental allergies. So at least that will be done and out of the way.So hopefully we will be home before the weekend. I miss my son, husband and home!Hugs to all, oh and sloppy kisses from Annika and Kimberly