Sunday, July 02, 2006

When will this madness end?

Well, we are on day 7 at Met hospital. And guess what? We are on number 8 failed I.V.; all of them have blown or kinked. She has had over 21 attempts at starting an I.V. as of midnight . They have resorted to giving her Tobi Injections and holding the other antibiotic for now. This I am not cool about. Every day we go without antibiotics is one more day we have to make up for.
So no pic line. Why, you ask?
Well, our first attempt at a pic line they gave her morphine and gravol to relax her. My little energizer bunny would wake up everytime they grabbed her arm. So we tried Adavan to put her to sleep, and she did the same thing. So the pic was rescheduled for Thursday instead with general anesthetic.
We had a rough night Wednesday because the drugs stoned her out and instead of knocking her out they did the exact opposite. So we had a strung out kid, that was very aggressive and rough. She started puking for hours in the evening, so Wednesday sucked....big time.
Thursday morning came and went, and we were still waiting for the pic to be put in, here I am starving my child because nothing by mouth until after the pic is in.
They have an anesthesioligist, a O.R nurse(they wanted to do it in the OR because of her reaction to the previous drugs and because of the CF), a radioligist and a tech on board, but the head of radiology cancelled it because he said he couldn't justify an hour of his staffs time for a pic line. Boy was I pissed, I have gotten patient advocacy involved now, and possibly a lawyer.
So it has taken how many man hours to pin my daughter down, kicking and screaming to put in a total of 8 I.V in 7 days that all failed, plus the additional torture of all the failed attempts.
She no longer has an I.V because there are no viens to use anymore. So this idiot has wasted how many nurses' man hours, plus a few more 1000$ dollars of government money for hospital stay, plus 2 hour drive for us now to London, and a 2 night stay there, plus a two hour drive back. Dave will be off work one day now......should I send the bill to this idiot.
It is crazy. there is no room in London so we are waiting for a bed, meanwhile Annika is going without treatment.
I am pissed.....just had to vent.
Did I mention I hate this hospital (the ward is great and the doctor is nice, but the rest of the hospital sucks)
I hate cf!
What good is it to have a PEDS floor in a hospital when I can't get treatment!
I will update you all.

Kimberly and Annika

The doctor just came in while writing this. There is no room in London or Toronto. They actually have a child here close to death and they have to send this child to Detroit. Crazy. So we are going to lightly sedate Annie and try a line again. The doctor is going to do it this time .
I am so frustrated, and crying because my little one should not have to go through this ever!
Gotta go, I will check back on emails later.
Love to you all!