Thursday, February 01, 2007

One more day in hell

The nurse just came in to tell me that the local GI doctor has given me the ok to go home, and the resident doctor has decided to pass my case on to another doctor. Maybe because I flipped out on the GI doctor and him yesterday.I told them they have done no tests on me, besides a CT scam and blood test. They have given me 4 litres of peg lyte, in addition to me taking my own peg 3350. With the motility drugs and the peg products I should be crapping through the eye of a needle. Am I no, I have has one decent poop, and since then the poops are soft and small enough to sit in the palm of my hand. Does that sound like enough poop for a body that hasn't pooped in two weeks, and has been eating full meals everyday? I am going to continue to take the peg till I poop water.
So know I have no doctors till tomorrow. A (Mrs.) Dr.Stien will be taking over my case. So to sum it up, Windsor sucks, and my loving husband is rubbing it in with "I told you so, London is where you should have gone" The day I came in, it was snowing like crazy and I didn't want to risk the two hour drive.Dr Howard my cf motility doctor in London has been trying to get ahold of the two doctors on my case for 3 days to get some tests that he needs done performed on me while I am in here. Neither of the doctors have return calls or answered their pages from Dr. Howard. I am so mad , I could kill someone!
I just want to feel better with no pain or vomiting. I am not going home till the pain is gone, or at least we know what is causing it, and I am not puking. I have a picc line in now, so I am staying hydrated.