Saturday, February 10, 2007

When Life sends you spinning

Well today is another day at home alone. I have been eating lactobacillus so that has helped the stomach cramps and nausea. I am really stuffed up so vicks and eucalyptus has been my best friend. I am very weak, so I decided on another day alone at home. I miss my family horribly, but the kids are be taken well care by my parents. If all goes well, and my energy level is up I will get mom to come and get me tomorrow. I am eating carbohydrates and protein and managing iced tea, resting throughout the day, but getting small things done a little bit at a time. So far drug free today,except gravol and I am gonna try to stay that way! I have talked to Dave 2x already he should be home tomorrow night, mentally he seems much better, I think the trip to the cabin did him well.I know the stress I have felt while sick , I can only imagine the stress he had to go through, being laid off, starting a new job while I was in the hospital and leaving the kids in other people's care, then quiting that job because Annika's cf clinic went poorly, so he panicked and quit his job to assure she was getting the right care. All in all ,he has gone through allot in the last 6 weeks. She has been fighting a cough, traveled with family, her mom has been in the hospital.....of course she is going to loose weight. As soon as I am well I am going to start her back on her homeopathic regimen for her lungs and turmeric for weight gain. The doctor mentioned a G-tube and this is what set David into a downward spiral.After I am mended, which I pray is soon. I think I am going to suggest counseling for us as a couple, since what we are going through would be tough on any marriage, and God knows I love my husband. I also have to rally my friends and family together to train them on Annika's care. So many have offered but we have just put the offers aside. Why I don't know, maybe pride. But I have prayed long and hard about this and I know we can't do this alone. So those who want to help, please let me know. Any way, time, meals, etc. I will except it in prayer and thanks.Please continue to pray for my healing and pray for Parker's, Annika's , and David's emotional well being. For those who deal with cf daily, I pray that you and your children stay well. For those reading this , who have a "normal" life, I pray God gives you the knowledge and compassion to understand what fears we battle, minute by minute, day by day.
God Bless everyone who reads this and responds. God Bless those who are too busy not too.

Kimberly Hasson
Going on 21 days of feeling like crap and without her sweet, sweet children
Staying strong in prayer!