Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a great birthday!

Well my 35th birthday was celebrated at the National Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Cornwall this weekend. To start things off , at introduction, over 150 people sang happy birthday to me. At lunch time, the board allowed me to view Annika's Great Strides video on two theater size screens. So her video was shared with hundreds of people. ( there is a link to a similar version below). I got to spend some time with Heather Cariou , author of Sixty Five Roses, a sister's memoire. Annika said " Happy Burp-day mommy" ( her version of Happy Birthday) to me on the phone. The news was offically released about the cepacia vaccination, and the phase three trails on the vaccine, and to top things off at social hour in the hospitality suite....I put a challenge out there for all the people attending the conference to dig deep in their pockets for spare change and donate it to the Great Strides Walk. I raised $502.50 that night from spare coin. How will I ever top that birthday!