Friday, May 11, 2007

We are on our way to Met!

Well we will be waking her up soon and heading to Met hospital for a stay in house for IV meds. She has had a cough forever, and oral meds are not working on her. She is not eating well, or drinking much. She has a fever and is coughing like a smoker!
Mother's Day, my husband's , my brother in law's , and my neice's bithday in the hospital. If she does well on the meds, then they will issue a pass for Sunday for a few hours to visit everyone for their special day. Come Monday they are planning to install a picc line and send her home on IV meds for 3 weeks. So no cabin trip up north for us. We have an appointment in Toronto with her GI doctor on the 25th of May. So hopefully we will be able to attend the Great Strides Walk. They may want to keep her to place a GI tube , she is not gaining any weight, so this is a huge issue. We will see. If she is out for that time I am going to discuss an IV port and a bronch being done on her.
I am stressed to the gills.
To top thing off, she will be in confinement because she has a cough and possible PA! So if you come to visit, bring fun things for her to
This time last year we were doing the exact same thing in London, she was released 3 days before the walk.

If anyone hasn't donated , now is the time to dig deep into your pocket and donated to our Great Strides online

or send a cheque to :
324 Secord St., Box 1205 Harrow Ontario N0R1G0
Make it to : The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Anything over $10 gets a tax receipt!
Help us find a cure for this madness!

Thanks for reading about our madness!