Saturday, May 12, 2007

What's next?

Well we have gotten some results back on Annika. She has c-diff( we are now being put on an oral antibiotic Flagyl. For 10 days. Fun. So she is on tobramyacin and ceftazadime IV every 8 hours for the cough, and inhaled tobi 2 x day plus her q-var and ventolin. We are in room 3226 at Metropolatin Hospital. She has had chest xrays and sinus xrays( which we should get the results from tomorrow) , throat swab ( they got a good one, she coughed as they did it with a yellow mucous sample)that is still culturing. They have done blood. And she just had a cath for a urine sample. The plan is a picc line insertion on Monday, but I won't hold my breath!I knew she wasn't right the last few weeks, but because she is a happy baby, they assume she is fine. Mom's know best.
I am going stir crazy in confinement! I need a get out of jail card ASAP. Happy Mother's Day to all those moms reading this. Hopefully we get a pass to visit tomorrow. Keep us in your prayers.
Kimberly and Annika