Monday, May 14, 2007

The day after Mother's Day....or should I say the day from hell!

Well it started off by nurses trying to wake Annika to give her oral meds. I told them to go away , that if they read their charts they would note that we had a rough night. LET HER SLEEP! Secondly the nurse tells me no nursing, she is scheduled for a picc line. Great- yahoo! But then she tells me I will bring in the morphine, adavan and gravol for her in a sec. WHAT! I told the doctors she can't have this, last time she had it she puked for hours, and never went to sleep, it acted the oppisite way she was strung out and hyper for 16 hours. Ok so I am waiting and waiting and Annie is getting pissed because she was woke up and she is really hungry. The picc unit and doctors can't seem to communicate at all. Finally 3 hours later and a screaming child( and Mom) go down for the picc line. The doctor faxed over new meds, which I told him what worked on her in the past at London for the picc line. So they take Annika from me, and she proceeds to cry for the next 1 1/2 hours why they search for a piss site with ultrasound. Not sedatives. Finally the doctor comes out and says , the right arm is shot, no chance, her vein is too tiny, they are going to the left. Still she cries. An 1/2 hour later he comes out saying he couldn't get it threded, her veins are too tiny. I ask "The sedatives didn't work, I heard her screaming the whole time?""No he says they didn't!"I ask "Did you still try for a site while she was squirming, etc?"Yes ". I just about lost it. You mean you were trying to poke a foot long steel needle into my daughter's vein right next to her main artery while she was being pinned down and screaming and squirming. "Yes he says and walks away. I am going crazy. I go in the room and get my daughter and say to the nurse who administers the drugs. Did you give her the right stuff. Do you call that sedation. She replies"She was sedated"I replied, I was outside the door I heard her screaming for over an hour. Yes but she wasn't bad. WHAT! I replied, next time you go into surgery, whould you let me sedate you , I will be sure to return the favour. She wasn't impressed with me. I come to find out the doctor didn't issue the drugs I requested, "because I am just a parent, not a doctor"Okay ass, I probably know more about my daughter's treatments and what meds affect her than you do"I wanted to bash his head against the wall. I am a very angry mom right now.
So finally Annie gets to eat at 1 pm and now won't let a nurse near her without crying the whole day long.
We have a scheduled consult with a surgeon tomorrow for a port a cath, God pray for us please. We need to get out of here!