Friday, January 29, 2010

Flush it Away

Annika has been fighting a sinus infection/cold for a long time. She was on Cipro for 6 weeks, and once done the sinus problem came back within a week. We had her lungs checked out and she is clear as of right now, but her sinuses drain so bad that she is coughing a lot! So now we have been doing sinus flushes every other day to start. Annika was so proud of herself. She did the flush all by herself. Only a parent who has had to deal with sinus flushes would understand how huge that is. She had to take a special sinus squeeze bottle filled with saline solution and squeeze a rush of this solution up one side of her nose, and blow it out at the same time from the other nostril. After inhaling once, she figured it out pretty fast. When done she gave me a high five and laughed. "I can breathe mommy"I am so proud of her. She faces each challenge head on, as it comes. She is a true cf warrior!