Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Annika and her hospital adventure

As most of you who follow this blog already know, that we admitted Annika on February 7, 2010. She has had a sinus infection since October and none of the oral antibiotics that we have given her have worked. The infection was getting so bad that she had headaches, green discharge, and was coughing non stop from the drainage. It was starting to effect her physical activity. Our peds doctor admitted her and we started IV meds. By day two we had a picc line put in. Every child and parent have a way to distract their child from the pain of a needle ( or should I say the fear of a needle because Emla numbs the area) Annika's newest distraction is writing on my arm while the needle is being placed, or blood is being taken, this included finger picks for Tobi levels. This has worked well and is easily removed with hand sanitizer. A small chore, and a very small price to pay for my child's anxiety level to be low. While she was at the hospital we had great nurses and doctors. The pharmacy team was awesome, but the child life team was amazing. Thanks to Jen and Annika's new best friend Lisa. They made this stay so much easier. We did lots of crafts, and even decorated our face masks for a chuckle. We were sent home on the 10th and are doing home IV meds. until the end of February. Thank you for the emails, visits and phone calls. Dave and I appreciate all your love.