Friday, April 15, 2011

Sickness and faith

I often get asked "How do you do this?"meaning how do I tolerate all that this family has to go through in our walk with cystic fibrosis. Well I often respond "I don't do it alone!" Now this may have different meanings to different people. Some  may think "Wow she has a great husband" or "She must have a really supportive family", possibly "She must have an amazing set of friends" or better yet "She has total faith in the Lord" All of these statements would be 100% true on any given day. But the statement that hits my heart the strongest is, she has total faith in the Lord. Given that the other statements are true, but what good are these statements without God. My husband, family and friends are wonderful, but they are only human. Even the best of humanity will collapse under stress. My Lord always holds true. I am like any Christian struggling with their faith. There are days when my faith is so strong. There are days when I question my faith and belief, but then the Lord sends a gentle reminder of his powers. I guess you could say on those days I feel like I have been smacked up side the head with a brick. Mind you the masonry did it with love.
Our family will continue to struggle with our health. We will continue to grow in our walk with Christ. Life's issues will be given unto him, and I will follow his path.
So to all who wonder how I do it ? I have no idea, but through him I have found the way.

Annika is healing fine. She is tolerating food great, and is starting to get her appetite back. She kicked her brother off the couch yesterday, so my sassy diva is back. God is good!