Friday, December 09, 2011

A fire and a good blanket

If you ever had a chance to sit and watch a roaring fire with a warm blanket on your lap, I am sure you can agree there is nothing like it. What makes it even better is when you are chilled to the bone and not feeling up to snuff. The flames have a calming effect, and the heat is a welcomed band aid.
I woke up today, for the first time in weeks , with the weight off my chest. I actually feel I can take a deep breath again. It is so refreshing, and honestly long over due. The medications are finally kicking in, I have been doing nothing but resting. Which if anyone knows me, is not an easy feat! But I have listened to my doctor, my family, my friends, and nurse Annika. Today is the first day I have been out of my pajamas, and will admit that I was not smelling so good, so a shower was a treat today. I did a load of laundry, packed my son's bag for cubs winter camp, and just snuggled with my mutts. I received several emails, a few phone calls, two visits, one special delivery from one beautiful woman ( wink, you know who you are!) I just got surprised from another friend. Her children are in a home school group, and a cute Christmas card came hand  signed by all the kids,delivered with some hand made truffles. Thank you madam, and tell your kids thanks for bringing it over. I truly value all the love and concern I have experienced over the last few days. God is grand! Thank you Lord for the support you offer, and for your gracious healing hands. Thank you for warm fires, fuzzy blankets and loving mutts! I could do without the sloppy kisses that come with them though. Amen.