Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just another day

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and think " Just another day?" Often, I think people around me take for granted the gift of good health. You know that mythical thing our family struggles with...lol. We have all been passing around a cold bug for the last few weeks...back and forth, round and round. Parker, Dave, Mom and dad all processed it with a stuffed up nose and a few yucky days. Mine went right to my chest, as you very well know if you read this blog. Annika had been dealing with this bug for about 10 days now, just complaining of a snotty nose, nothing really coming of it, until last night. I should have know that something was coming of it after doing her saline nasal rinse, she complained of a sore ear. That night a fever developed and she was up half the night with a earache. This morning , still a low grade fever and her ear is killing her. I kept her home from school, and put a call into her cf clinic. We both made pinkie swears to stay out of the hospital for the holidays. Christmas is only days away....the countdown has begun. Let's pray her doctor calls something in to do the trick! Why would today be any different from any other day....after all it is just another day!