Friday, January 13, 2012

Come visiting my cousin visiting and an I get a unexpected ER trip

Well I came up to London on Wednesday with plans to stay over night and to be here to support my mom in her shoulder surgery, and to also support my cousin and his extended family during a really trying time. Well I should have known how this trip would lay out. My mother's surgery was cancelled, for reasons unknown. I still made the trek to support my little buddy Breanna. I am chairing a fundraiser for her and her family. Feel free to check out her website:
Well the visit had been going generally well. We were getting a lot of ideas and work completed. I stayed in the families room at Ronald McDonald's House. The construction to the house is completed , and it turned out beautiful! When I woke up this morning I felt like a train hit me....SIDEWAYS! I called my CF nurse, and she told me the doctor wanted me in the ER. I was struggling to take a deep breath because I was in abdominal pain.
My cousin was going into surgery, and I really struggle with the decision to got to the ER.
Once I registered in the ER , I left them my cell phone number so that they could call me when a bed was available. They were wonderful about this, knowing my cousin was going into surgery.
Once I was seen by a doctor, after 13 attempts, they got blood and an IV started. Urine was done, an xray was taken, they hydrated me and gave me something for the pain. The results of the testing came back that I had a severe kidney infection. Fun stuff! The doctor discharged me with a new antibiotic ( the third in 2 months) and some pain meds until the antibiotics did their job.
My cousin was so supportive and loving. Luckily, I was able to stay the night tonight again. I have been vomiting, and still feel like crap. I can't take any pain meds for the car ride home tomorrow.
The guilt I am feeling because I got sick, and took some of the attention from Bree is horrible. I hope my cousins can forgive me. I really didn't plan an ER visit during this trip. Honest! Let's hope tomorrow both Bree and I are feeling better.