Tuesday, April 03, 2012

All about sickness?

I just got a slap in the face from an online "friend" today. Based on a comment I made to her, and a smart remark from one of her online "Psych grad" friends. I am apparently all about sickness. Really? Me.....no!!!!! Would it have to do with the 34 admissions Annika and I have had over the last 4 years ( that's averaging 8.5 admissions a year) not to include the cystic fibrosis clinics for Annika and myself every 3 months ( and these are never on the same day of course) or the repeat PFT testing, blood, and xrays that arise as outpatient because of these admissions. Wonder why I would be all about sickness? I just can figure that out.......lol.
You know  any of my friends and family who see me and talk to me all the time , knows that that comment is full of SHIT! As a friend and family member I am always putting others first. I am always helping and supporting when I can. As a friend , I also expect alot in return. Some may think I can be demanding, while others may think I am too giving.
Look as I see it, I just try my best. I am human, and I make errors......Many errors over the years. But for someone who barely knows me to state a shitty remark like that, well is not much of a psych grad. Can't wait to see the counselling sessions they will be in charge of.
So if you don't want to read about our health issues, take us off your list. I didn't create an account to socialize, I have face to face friends to do that. My Face book account is solely for updates about our journey with cystic fibrosis. If that is too heavy for you, and our reality sucks for you? Then it is easy, take me off your list.
Often this blog is where I can go to vent. I can swear, I can bitch, I can talk about my frustrations with this disease. This disease, that right now has the upper hand ( but not forever, just right now) and the last thing I have tolerance for is a double standard. Don't bitch an complain about other cf parents, when you can't take the crap yourself!
Anyone who knows me , knows I have no tolerance for he said /she said crap. So when you bring someone into a discussion that doesn't even know me, then I get pissed. I would love to give a few people some schooling on dealing with illness.....really all about sickness. With what our family has gone through in the last year I should be in a FUCKING MENTAL WARD!