Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just Another Day

 I always smile when I hear that familiar phrase " It's Just Another Day". I often am reminded how easy that phrase rolls off so many peoples lips. " Just another day" , if you really put thought into those simple words you will realize that in reality those few words are not so simple. It takes 24 hours, a sunrise and a sunset, the lunar phase in 24 hours, tides rising and lowering, weather fluctuating around the world, people breathing in and out, 1440 minutes, or 86400 seconds in a day.
 So many things can happened in a 24 hour time span. People are being born and people are exhaling their last breath. Some are falling in love, others are having their heart broken. I guess my point is, it is never "Just another Day!" Every morning it is the hope of seeing my children smile that pushes me out of bed. The hope of a giggle or full belly laughter that  just gets my heart beating. There is nothing better than your child cracking a joke, that has taken no thought on their part, but actually makes you laugh all day long. Those jokes that get mentioned at the dinner table with a mouth full of food. We all have found memories of laughing milk or coke out our nose. To our family, there is never " Just another day!" Each day in our household is a true blessing, and is never the same. Yes there may be familiar points each day in and out, but everyday is totally different. Today , Annika woke with a horrible cough.....and my mom role went into action. I made a call to her cf clinic right away. We learned a long time ago to never just ride it out with Annika,  so antibiotics here we come. So the simple phrase does not apply here. Although I will admit I like to say it out loud sometimes when people ask me how things are, just so I can appear normal. I take a deep breath in and exhale long and slow" Just Another Day" and then I crack a little smile, one small enough that no one would notice, because their normal is so different from ours.
 This blog may be a very small insight to our daily lives. While in no way am I justifying my mood swings at time, or my goofiness, or my crazy attitude at life in general, but walking a day in our shoes could give most a general ideal why I am the way I am. In a famous quote of a very strong sailor" I am what I am, and that's all that I am" I love Popeye the Sailor man! Toot Toot!