Thursday, July 14, 2005

Our CF family

We just came back from meeting a local family that are surviving CF. There first born was diagnosed with CF 16 years ago. It was nice to see a positive side to this disease. A loving family, that live for the moment. A supportive family that embraces all this world has to offer. A faithful family, trusting God to decide the way.
I thank them for all their help, and acknowledge them for all they have done for the CF community, and for us.
We pray that we can be as supportive to our daughter as she dances with this disease. I hope she continues to lead.
Thank you for your advice, your compassion, your open ear, and your shoulder to cry on!
I hope I can return the favour full circle for someone else in need.
God Bless you, and your wonderful family.

3 children, first born with CF, the latter two free and clear.


The Hassons