Friday, July 22, 2005

I'll huff and I'll puff.........

Well this is the first chance that I have gotten to get to this site in the last few days. It has been insane around here! Annika's swab test came back growing Staph, and minor yeast. Not a big deal unless she is showing symptoms. Well our luck has it that Annika is coughing like crazy, really mucusy, and has an ear infection from this nasty little bug. We had to start her on Keflex and Zithro. Two antibiotics. great!
Parker has been vomiting for 24hrs, from this little bug too, but the doctor has left him to fight it on his own.
I am exhausted from no sleep, cleaning puke and pounding the mucus out of our baby girl. I have literally watched her turn purple twice now. I hate the fact that babies only have two ways of getting mucus out of their little bodies. Puking ,and swallowing and pooping it out. Mine has mastered puking. And unfortunately half her feeding keeps coming up with it.
I am trying so hard to keep her weight on.
I hate CF!
I have to give her enzymes before every feed, keflex 4 times a day, zithro one time a day , ADEK one time a day, sodium mineral mix five times a day, and the occasional dose of tylenol. This sucks.
I pray for strength, I pray for patience, I pray for my baby girls health.I pray for more weight gain, I pray that she can breathe!
If her cough doesn't get better tomorrow, the doctor is getting a call
Pray for Annika please!