Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What does Annika need?

Well we are starting a list of things Annika needs:

We need a crew of people to come over and help me clean the house from top to bottom, dust, etc (MOPS has already agreed to help on Wednesday July 27) Thank you ladies!
We need an hepa filter system (Dave just bought one July 22, man they are not cheap)
A small personal air purifier for Annika's room (we have gotten two)
We need the ducts vacuumed out
We need to paint her room , so she can have a place of her own ( Thanks mom and Sherry!)
We need to start taking her, and the whole family to a naturopathic doctor.
Annika's room has carpeting, we need to strip it and place hardwood floor or a similar product in it
We would love a central air cleaner for the whole house, but this is last on our it is a little costly.