Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What a whirl wind!

Well we got the testing back for Dave's mother, his twin and Dennis' fiancee Angie.
David's mom is a carrier of the DF508 gene.....a hard blow to take. We have to keep reminding people that no one chose to pass this gene on, it is like passing on the gene for blue eyes!(which both our beautiful babies have!)
Dennis is also a carrier of the DF508 gene, so the twins are defiantly identical(like there was ever a question of that!)
Angie is not a carrier, which means Dennis and Angie can have babies, with the possibility of their babies only having one CF gene and being carriers, not having the disease(it takes two CF genes to have this wonderful disease)
We will update you when David and I get our results from our blood tests!
Prayers for everyone!