Monday, December 27, 2010

Feel like I have been hit good on Boxing day

Annika's white blood cells came back high, showing infection somewhere in her body. CT scan is negative for appendix. Swab results for cultures are still pending. Annika has been up half the night with stomach pain and nausea. She hit 39.1 again at 2:30 am. I have been up since then. She has been tossing and turning, yelping out in her sleep. Never getting totally comfortable. We have been giving her Tylenol and ibuprofen , they have seem to be able to break the fever. Let's hope it stays at bay. She is totally soaking wet from sweating. I wish I could take away her Like I don't have enough for myself. Gallbladder is my worse enemy, all food triggers an attack now. Sucks to be there mentally for your child when the pain is distracting you. I am doing my best. A few weird circumstances this hospitalization. Crazy We will see how these weird events pan out. Hoping we can get some answers soon. Not sure if Annika will make it to Grammy Annie's Christmas party tomorrow. As long as Parker and Dave get to go, they need some kind of normal over the holidays.....grrrr.