Saturday, December 11, 2010

Surprise admission to Met hospital

Well around 7pm on the 9th, Annika started vomiting out of the blue. And this started the whirlwind of the tornado we are participating in today. When it stops, who knows. Annika vomited at least a dozen times, with severe right lower side pain. With cf the first thing that popped into my mind was bowel blockage or appendix attack. So off to Met we go, as there was recently a huge snow storm in London where Annika's cf clinic was. We got to see a doctor quickly, they did blood, xrays, and a general work up. The xrays came back fine, and the blood had elevated white cells. Once we got so gravol in her IV , he stomached seemed to settle down. The doctor said we could go home and come back in the morning for an ultrasound. Off we went home, but shortly after arriving home at 1:30 am the vomiting started again. Then within a few hours a high fever and more stomach pain. So off we go to the ER again at 6:30 am. Once we arrived at the ER , Annika's temp had hit 40 degrees, normal being 36.9. They rushed us in, got her hooked up to an IV, did throat swabs, more blood, more xrays, and admitted her to the peds ward. We were up in our room by 3pm on the 10th. The new ped doctor is great. He expressed his concern on how lethargic she was, how dehydrated she was, and how high her fever was. We had to wait on blood cultures and throat cultures. He put her on an IV antibiotic, gravol, Tylenol, and ibuprofen for the pain in her side and now in her throat. She continued to have a fever through the night, and side pain. She is also covered in a rash.They ruled out the appendix, and are now focusing on her tonsils which are so swollen that they are obstructing her throat. The doctor thinks not only does she has repeat tonsillitis, but a lymphatic issue. Her tonsils and adenoids need to be removed. We should be seeing an ENT tomorrow. We now have her on ondansetron 2mg every 8 hours for vomiting. It has worked like a charm. She is eating in small bits because her throat is very sore. This drug they give to chemo children, and works great. The IV antibiotics are ceftrioxime 1gmg every 8hours. This drug has seemed to help. Annika today is a happier child. While her tonsils are now huge, the throat pain, and side pain are better. So the goal is keep her hydrated. Keep her out of pain. And the best part......and ENT is coming to see her tonight or tomorrow, we are pretty sure we will be getting her tonsils and adenoids out. The doctor just told me that some of her cultures and newest blood results are back. Her body is colonized with strep. Poor baby. No wonder she crashed so hard the doctor said, in addition to the tonsils and it is a recipe for trouble. So a few more days in this place, not too bad. She is in room 3227 at Met hospital if anyone wants to call up. And anyone coming up to Windsor, and wants to bring up to MISO soups for her and myself. You will be embraced with a huge hug....I will update as I get updated. Take care.
Hugs from Kimberly and Annika