Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crab legs denied!

Sunday November 12, 2011. We were lucky enough to get our hands on four Spitfire tickets. We decided to go out and catch the game together as a family. It has been a really long time since we did a family outing. The kids were excited, and even though my body was feeling a little run down after several weeks of poor sleep and bowel spasms.....I was really happy about getting out with Dave and the kids. We got to the game, and started to relax ( relax my vocal cords from shouting and supporting the Spits in their game.....lol) The games was awesome. 8-0 for the Spits . Through the whole game Parker was his usual crazy man. Always dancing when the songs would start playing. Annika and him usually try their hardest to get on the video tron. Annika just sat through the whole game, happy, but uneventful. Usually I am telling her to calm down, because she really gets into the dancing and cheering. This night was different. She complained that she was freezing ( even with her and my jacket to cover her). She also mentioned several times that her arm with the picc line in it was killing her. The start of a downward spiral. We asked the kids where they wanted to eat as a treat for dinner. After many attempts to try to convince Dave that Sushi was what he was craving, they finally decided on Red Lobster , because Parker had never been, and desperately wanted to eat there. As the game went on ,Annika shook through each period, and really was way too quiet for my liking.At the end of the game, on the way to the car, Annika begged Dave to carry her because she was really tired, nauseated and her arm was really hurting. Once in the car I hooked her up to one of her I.V meds, and we headed to Red Lobster. She really expressed how tired she was, and Dave asked if it was really a good ideal to be eating out, that maybe we should get take out and get home. Annika objected. She said it wasn't fair for Parker that he missed out on Red Lobster because she wasn't feeling 100%. So we agreed we would eat, than head right home. Both our kids LOVE seafood, crab legs being one of their all time favourites. Annika continued to complain about being cold, and hurting. She had 4 bites of crab......literally. I felt her cheek and realized she was burning up. We paid the bill and headed over to Walmart to buy some Tylenol.....I wanted a dose in ASAP. When we got home, we completed the meds, did therapy and put the kids to bed. Annika and Parker we out cold in minutes. At 11pm , Annie was due for another round of I.V meds, and when I took her temperature it was 100.9, so I gave her some ibuprofen. I called Met hospital peds department and talked to one of her nurses from her last admission two weeks ago. She direct me to take Annika to Leamington hospital if she doesn't get better within an hour, because Met's ER was crazy busy. At 12:30, an hour and a half after giving her Motrin, and 3 hours after giving her Tylenol her fever was up to 102.6. I decided right then and there to skip Leamington and head right to Met. I knew with the climbing fever and arm pain at her picc site, that she would be seen right away. Within 10 minutes of seeing triage, she was brought in to be seen by a doctor. They took blood from the picc, and set up a alternated IV site and took a blood sample from there also. They sent them away to culture for a bacteria in the blood. They also swabbed her, and took urine. In minutes the doctor was back letting us know we were being admitted. Her temperature was up to 104, and her urine was full of infection. The doctors were more concerned about the swelling of her picc arm. They gave her Morphine for the pain, only to her her react to it by having stomach spasms( not vomiting) but extreme stomach cramping and pain. She screamed for a straight hour. It was insane. We didn't get up to our room and in bed until 5 am. We finally both fell asleep by 7am.
I was up only 2 hours later because of my bowel spasms, and my mom had arrived to relieve me so I could go home to pack everything we would need for a weeks admission. The doctor stressed that we would be here at least a week. She ordered a chest xray, to check out her lungs and to confirm the placement of the picc line. They also did an ultrasound of the picc site, with plans to do a dye xray to check for leaks. By this morning Annika's arm pain was down to her hand and up to her armpit. I went home packing, while my mom never left Annika's side. I managed to go over to the kids school. I met up with Parker to bring his lunch and to explain what was going on. I needed to hug him, kiss him, and to tell him I loved him. I need to just hold my son, the kid who always get less attention due to this PIECE OF CRAP disease! He assured me he totally understood, that he hoped Annie got well, and understood that I wouldn't see him this week. Parker is going up with Dave hunting, and we have friends and family staying with the animals at home. He told me he would take lots of pictures, and promised to do his homework. When did my baby grow up? He was really excited about spending time with his dad, one on one, and spending time with Dave's family at the cabin. PARKER IS ONE AMAZING KID! God truly blessed me with an awesome son and daughter.  He goes through so many unfair things because of CF!
When I got back the the hospital, the doctor came in to see me. She told me they found a blood clot. We needed to remove the picc line, and to monitor her closely. She was concerned about the fever, and wasn't sure if the UTI was causing it, because Annika was not complaining about her peeing hurting her. She advised us that her blood cultures would take at least 48 hours, and that Annika needed to finish out her last week of her IV meds. She then told us she was adding another antibiotic that was a broad spectrum, to cover all the cards so to speak. We are treating blindly as of date, while we wait for the cultures. As I type her fever is 40.6.........insane. That is 104 for those not used to metric. I made a trip to the ER tonight, because my bowel was spasming like crazy, so I need to get it to calm down. So here we are stuck in a medical prison until Monday the 21st. Anyone wanting to visit....BRING ANNIE CRAFT KITS, and both of us tasty food. Did I mention I HATE CF?