Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ghost's Galore

So before you start to read this, no I am not high on drugs! Lately the night shift has been acting crazy around here, and I started to ask why. I come to find out that the girls have had some strange encounters of the paranormal kind on the third floor. This shocked me, because often where ever I go, I experience weird things. Like the hairs on my body standing up, extreme temperature changes, whispering, my name being called, flashes out of the corner of my eye, and a general uneasiness in certian places. For obvious reasons, cemeteries always do this....but this peds floor has always sent me into a weird state of mind. I felt it back to when the 3rd floor was labour and delivery. I remember often walking down a hall feeling watched, and during one labour a mom requesting to change rooms because an uncontrollable state of depression and severe loss. She was crying that she was going to loss her baby, she was going to have a stillborn. Once we moved her across the hall, her whole attitude has changed. At the beginning of the week I had asked my nurse where the lady singing lullibies in room 3218 was? I saw her rocking in a chair late one night. Iguess this comment from me is what started the uneasiness. Supposibly room 18 has had a women presence in it for as long as nurses can remember. Often a middle age women is seen in there crying. I described the women to the nurses, and I guess it fits the description. If they can avoid it, they don't put anyone in 18, especially babies, because the room bells, and lights go on and off when there is an infant in there. I told them I saw this same woman in my doorway the other night when Annika was really sick and having 40.6+ fevers. They said often when a child is really sick, people ask about the lady watching their child. I have had many visits from " people" and I never felt scared by this women, I just felt like she was concerned for Annika. I guess there has been alot of activity on this floor since annika and I have been admitted. I have talked to the nurses about our families history with "visits". I had to humour them and explained my experiences on this ward. So I guess it can be said, I feel safe here, knowing that not only am I watching over Annika. But she has another beautiful presence watching over her as well. The funniest thing is I haven't seen her since Annika's fevers have broke. I guess we are in the clear, from all