Thursday, November 15, 2007

At spa Met again. Guess I didn't get enough the last time!

Well I woke up Tuesday November 13th with upper belly pains. I tried to pleasantly ignore them. I swallowed extra peglyte, even though I had been having bowel movements regularly. The hot water bottle came out of hiding, and I went to an all fluid diet just as a precaution. On Wednesday the 14th, I could no longer ignore the pain. I was crying openly in front of my kids, so I knew it was time to go in to the spa. My mother came and got the kids and made all appropriate phone calls, including one to David who is hunting 8 hrs away at the cabin. My good friend Nicky Syed drove me in, with a few threats of using her virgin"On Star" ambulace button.
Her son Daniel was riding in the backseat, what a doll. He happened to be heading into Met for an appoinment with a new ped doctor. So the heavens were working things out for me. I was taken into ER after a 1hr and 15 minute wait ( which is really good for this hospital) and with Nicky my "cystic fibrosis"doula.....she was acting like a determined , caring friend. She got the doctor to read my chart faster so I can get the much needed pain meds. I call her my cf doula because let me tell you I needed direction to get in control of my pain. So do you guys think I am in pain? It took 20 mg of Morphine, 200 of fentanyl and 100 mg of demerol to finally get ahead of the pain. Now I am on Gravol and Demoral by needle! Ouch , this floor doesn't give pain meds by IV, only injections. I have puked so much that my throat is raw! Iwill be seeing a GI doctor in the next 24 hours so hopefully we will get answers soon. I am in room 7, Bed A on the 6th floor of Met hospital. I am not in much spirits for visitors, but emails or phone calls are welcomed.
Once Dave gets home, he will take the kids, but for now my wonderful, amazing, caring parents are watching them. Some people will call or email me asking what can they do to help. Well make a few meals or cookies, anything really, and take it to my parents, or a gas card for the trips back and forth, or send me flowers....hehe just kidding on the last one.My parents live at 2249 Division Rd., N., in Kingsville. Their number is 519-733-3955.
I hate having the kids being taken care of my parents, but like my dad said "I wish we could do more kiddo! " Little do my parents know that they are the world to me and my family. They truly are amazing people. I pray that I can get better so when my mom plans her shoulder surgery, that I can be there to groom for her so she won't lose an income. We are still waiting for the variance to pass on the property so we can add on to the back house to fit our little family and to be only yards from my parents.We just had the new septic system put in , and now waiting for the final paperwork for the permit. We have one neighbour who is beeing a total idiot about us adding on , and is fighting us all the way to the variance meeting. Hopefully God see fit that everything runs smoothly.
To all my friend and relatives, especially my extended cf family. god Bless , stay health and put our family in your prayers, Please.

xoxoxo Kimberly