Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to "normal

"Well I am home and settled in. The kids are full of energy and I am not. Gosh I wish I had 1/10th of what they have. Oh how I could clean the house and get all my chores

I missed my family so much. This weekend we are decorating my parents Christmas tree and having a family dinner with my brother's family. It should be fun!

Next week we are going to take the kids to chop down our first"real"Christmas tree. The others have always been fake ones in the past. I just want the kids to experience a real tree for once.

This should be a fun date because hopefully Dave and I will come back refreshed from or night away. We plan to go states side to finish our Christmas shopping. It is nice to have American be less than Canadian for once in my Now I know why the Americans come our way every year.

Just before I headed in to the hospital for my last "spa"treatment, we had manage to rake and bag leaves, but we had some fun in between. Hugs to everyone!