Friday, November 23, 2007

Can you say "Go home?"

The cyst situation is under control. The bowel obstruction is no longer an issue, and the best thing is the pain is totally gone!
I feel tired, but not weak, which for a change is so nice when leaving a hospital. Dave will be picking me up around dinner time, and I can go home to a nicely cleaned house ( the housekeeper was there today) and spend some time with just my husband.
The kids are staying overnight at Dennis and Angie's , which is great. I can get settled in at my own pace, not at my kids.
So off I go to my home. Back to the old grind and loving it. Lots of paperwork to catch up on this week, but looking forward to it! I have several clients booked starting in two weeks, so that gives me time to get prepared.
My friends and family have been great, thank you so much for your prayers and your support.
I can't wait to get home. I promise to take it easy this coming week. I will be seeing a naturopathic doctor ASAP to get the bowels and immune system up to date.
Christmas here I come.