Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mistreated and I am not going to take it!

I have to start this off by stating I have been participating in a ongoing battle with my "Unattached" assigned doctor. I won't mention her name. She has actually stopped my pain meds, with the added reply "I will book a pshyc appointment for you"I asked her if she thought my pain was in my head. Her reply Ï think you think you feel your pain"I lost it. I called patient advocacy. Too make a long story short, we are working things out. But still no pain meds because the latest CT scan (which I demanded) shows a small obstruction in my bowel, so since pain killers constipate you, no drugs for me. Also in addition to that we found a cyst on my ovary, explaining why I have so much pain. I said to the doctor today when I got these results"So I guess my pain is legate, huh?"She replied yes, but until the obstruction is cleared, no drugs for me.
I am so tired of doctors making me feel like a five year old. Because they have their licence it automatically gives them the right to treat you like an idiot. Whatever.
I have dealt with a lot of doctors in my time and I can count on one hand how many where nice to me and actually listened.
This doctor prescribed a sleeping pill for me, knowing I have WPW( Wolf Parkins White) a heart condition, and on the manufactures page it states do no prescribe to those with heart conditions, this medicine can cause tachycardia and arrhythmia. My heart was beating all over the place this morning. To say the least she stopped the pill.
I can't wait to get out of here! I want to go see my naturopathic doctor and get my immune system boosted. Life in the hospital sucks.
Thanks to my parents and mother in law for helping with the kids. My parents aren't going to know how to deal with the quiet and spare time once I am out.
I also want to thank all my friends for their phone calls, emails, and any one who is planning to drop things off at my parents. You can't imagine how much it helps.
Most of all I want to thank my husband, who has been my knight in shining armor. I know he is trying to juggle work, kids, house and everything else and keep his sanity about his wife being in the hospital again.
I couldn't manage staying in this hell hole without all the help of everyone. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.
I hope to get out of here soon, but I am not going to rush out. I promised my family that I won't leave till I am well.
Right now still in pain, still full of poop, and waiting on OBGYN consult, a consult from ( a doctor who checks your kidneys?) and a few other tests. So I will probably be here for the weekend, but who knows. Still on clear fluid diet, which sucks!
Add our family to your prayers.
Parker is doing great in school and just got over a bug. Annika is sassy but running a high fever the last two days, so it kills me to be in here.
Pray that all is well. Give my parents and husband the strength to cope and pray to keep all healthy.
God Bless everyone, till I can rant and rave again. My sanity is stable, I!

I moved to room 6 on the 6th floor so 8106 bed B. TTYL
Hugs, Kimberly