Friday, June 08, 2007

At St. Michael's In Toronto...should I start paying rent?

Well as you all know, I came to Toronto on Friday May 31st to see Dr. Durie for my first GI consult with him. He did the normal blood work and xrays. To my surprise he asked to admit me right away. He knew I was in pain, but my xrays showed a very extended bowel, one that was very full. He suggested we get my self cleaned out and get a few tests done. Well I proceeded to be put on morphine for pain and gravol, because I started to vomit. The sad thing was I went out to dinner with a good friend of mine for sushi the night before and let me tell you sushi tastes better going in than coming out! I have been in pain for over a week, but refused to tell my parents because they would have wanted me to go to Met, and I refuse to go to a hospital that has no idea about cf, or bowel obstructions. Since I have been in Toronto I have drank 9 - 4 litres of pegliyte( they call it go lightly here, they must have never used it, because you defianetly don't go lightly) I went in for a colonscopy yesterday and they did 4 biopsies of differant areas of my bowel. I have to wait for the results of those. They are keeping me over the weekend because they want to do a major biopsy that involves removing several inches of the bowel to test for some disease I can't pronouce( it starts with a H) It is a major surgery, so I am nervous about this, and I miss my kids a lot. I miss my hudband, and his touch. So I am drugged to the gill and trying to stay comfortable. The doctors are good, and the ward I am on is a cf ward so sanitization is amazing here. I am impressed on that one. So if my spelling or grammer is crazy, I blame the drugs, and I am sticking to that story.If you want to get ahold of me call St. Michaels at 416-864-5454 room #681 and ask for Kimberly . I would love to hear from you. Annika's port is been unaccessed , and IV drugs are done. David is still off of work, so he has been taking care of the kids. What a trooper he is. I am so proud of him. If anyone wants to do anything for him make a meal and bring it over for him. I am sure he is tried of fast food. Or he might need help with laundry or house cleaning? Just a suggestion. Annika is still complaning that her pee-pee hurts, so Dave is going to get that checked out. She is on vancomyacin for c-diff, and of course this med is not covered by any drug plan, so there is a mortgage payment out of our pocket. The Kinsmen helped a bit, so that was a relief. No one has been up to see me yet. I won't let them come up until the other surgery is planned. It is to big of a cost, and the kids need Dave and my parents. Dave could use a break though!Also keep in mind that I don't know how long I will be in here. At least we are doing something and finding out some answers. Love to you all. Send prayers for me, and most of all my kids and David. I am sure his sanity is in question now a days!