Friday, June 22, 2007

Poked, Push, cut,blah,blah,blah....

The first picture shows an incrediably pale mom about to be attacked by the forgiegn galatic of Saturn....their tribe is call"spegetiistretchinose: they are very quick and very aggressive. The alpha mom of the human race was not quick enough to miss their traps.
The tribe than takes her into their jail and poses her infront of their committee and disguuises what will be done toher will in captiviaty.Their leader"the surgeon"" trys to comfort you and remind you that the are not maneaters, only money eaters, and an associate of mine called OHIP has been generous to give them all the green food in exchage for the ""spegetistretchinose""services to repair the injured alpha mom.
So now that she feels assured that she is safe in captivity, the alpha mom agrees to the surgicall suggestions.
Once the alpha mom is comfortable and sedated, she finally falls asleep to allow the surgeons install their "GI tube"" to allow the alpa mom to clear out her gut in the near future,all the alpa mom wants to do is poop.

The alpha mom ws suppored by her mom, the alpha leader mom of the Jarrold tribe, now her daughter married a wonderful alpha male in the Hasson tribe, so everyones standings changed, but for the best. My mom stayed over night in a cot bed, sleeping with one eye opened,worried for her aplha baby girl.

In the morning after a long,hard toss filed night,we both arised to ourselves.
The "surgeon"came in to check on us, looking closely at the wound she created,leaving the jail happy with herself and the things she prescriped.
After lots of pulling, pushing, and tons of questions /i am off to relax and try to eat without vomitting, because I don't want to insult the surgeons right now. Cheers
The alpha mom.

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