Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Naked Honour.

A while ago, back in May of 2006. I had decided to honour the birth of my children by getting a tattoo created to finalize their birth. This tattoo was created by my dad, Fred who was just diagnosed with cancer, and then tweaked by the tattoo artist at Mind's Eye, Brick was his name. The Japanese Fighting fish represents my bassy, fighting attitude in life and my religous belief as a Christian. There are two roses in the tattoo. The first is a white one which symbolizes hope and it is over my first born's name, Parker, my handsome son. The second rose is red with the number 65 over it. It was placed over my second born, Annika. She is my spitfire, my beautiful daughter. I have a million dollar family. A Million dollars worth of love. The 65 and the red rose represents how children say cystic fibrosis....they say it 65 roses. Since both my daughter and I have this disease, I though that this was very fitting. The colours orange and purple on the fish are my childrens favorite colours. So a small tattoo to some, but a huge meaning to me.
God Bless