Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pokinga new hole in me

Today has been an absolutely horrific day for the gammet of feelings.I wasn't feeling good from waking at 6 am. I went back to sleep after taking some break through pain medication. I slept right through breakfest, snacking on a bowel of cereal when I woke. Shortly after waking I started getting bad bowl cramps, which have lasted all day long. After finishing my"breakfast"I started throwing up. Thank God it was just Cheerios, I urned away lunch.

At one in the afternoon, Dr. Stephenson came in to tell me all the results were in from Hamilton and the were 99% sure I didn't have Hirshsprungs'Disease. They she proceeded to tell me they were going to send me home and get me to come back in three weeks, beacuse they need the bed. Not only did she give the guilt trip about needing the bed, she proceeded to remind me that there were 3 cf patients in the ER that are really having a rough time, and they really would appreciate the bed. Talk about making me feel guilty, but it didn't work. I talked to Dr. Durie when he admitted me and said if I am being admitted I am not going home without a cure, answer or a method of remedy to prevent my chronic constipation.So don't try to guilting me into going home. One thing I have discovered in my past hospital stays, do not go home if you don't feel well, it will only result in a repeat hospital stay. If all these tests are not showing anything, and I am still constipated after over 20 litres of Peg lte, and I am throwing up and my liver enzymes are three times higher than normal, do "we"really think it is time for my to "throw in the cards"and give up my bed....I DON"T THINK SO! Unless Durie walks in an says he can't do anything, and that he was 100% wrong in telling me he would be able to help, do not come and ask me to leave here again. Funny how when you call a doctor out , their team starts getting things done. I am scheduled for the GI tube tomorrow. The plan is to have the tube installed. To clear my gut out totally, get me on a total liquid diet to start in the hospital and to send me home on a total liquid diet for over three weeks. This will allow me to give myself peg lyte without throwing in up from the taste, and it will allow my colon to relax and shrink down in size. I will be sent home next week providing everything goes well. So add me to your prayers, along with the surgeon doing the procedure. Once my colon has shrunk down, I will come back up to T.O for more tests. But at least it is a plan of action, and I can get out of this bed and hug my kids again. Everyone, even perfect strangers are probably getting tired of me telling them how much I miss Parker and Annika. I miss everyone. I have attached some pictures of a GI tube, etc.

God Bless everyone. PRAY, PRAY , PRAY!