Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What,Who,Where, and When???

Well another morning I wake throwing off my covers to a screaming child....only to realize I am dreaming about my kids having a nightmare, and I wake up rushing to rescue them from whatever creature that has snuck into their rooms.....but then I remember I am in my own nightmare. Since June 1st I have been calling St. Mike's home. I MISS MY KIDS! I miss their little kisses and hugs, I have to be happy to catching them over the phone line,, and listening to the grunts of a pretend phone hug. God it hurts me to be away from them. I will be the first to admit I am in no condition to care for them right now. I am on the 14th container of a 4 LITRE jug of Peg lyte. I cleared out for the clonoscopy, but I am full again. On Thursday I go for a motilaty test in Hamilton, since no place in T.O does it. Fun stuff. So more poop tests, bioposies and xrays, Oh yeah and an ultrasound. I have been sleeping in between these procedures, asking for pain killers and gravol. My life sucks right now, I NEED to get better.